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What do you do if you operate an escort service or massage parlor in the city and you can't rely on advertising your business in the back pages of New York magazine or the New York Press? (Both titles dropped sex ads in 2007 under pressure from the National Organization for Women.) You take to YouTube, apparently. There are a handful of local escort companies now using the site to serve up R-rated videos that hint at the decidedly more X-rated services they offer. The videos themselves don't feature any nudity—just a bunch of sad women dancing in bikinis in front of the camera—although if you head to the sites advertised on the bottom of the screen, you'll see that a lot more than a strip tease is available. (One site promises that your escapade will be "100% ANONAMOUS," just in case the Spitzer saga has you worried.) After the jump, a handful of amusing New York City hooker videos for your afternoon enjoyment.