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This hasn't been a good week for Harvey Weinstein. Last Friday NBC successfully blocked Weinstein from moving Project Runway from NBC-owned Bravo to Lifetime. Over the past few days, he's also been engaged in an increasingly public (and increasingly messy) feud with producer Scott Rudin over the fate of The Reader, a romantic drama directed by Stephen Daldry and starring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. Weinstein had wanted to release the film before the end of year so it could be an Oscar contender, and Rudin claims Weinstein stopped at nothing to move up the film's release date, going as far as to harass producer Sydney Pollock on his deathbed and pressure the grieving widow of Anthony Minghella (another of the film's producers) to make it happen.

Over the weekend, a series of incriminating emails about Harvey's tactics were leaked to Nikki Finke. Weinstein denied their existence and promised $1 million to anyone who could come up with them. Finke posted the emails on her site hours later, but she probably isn't expecting to see a check anytime soon. Harvey's wallet isn't exactly bulging these days, a point illustrated by this anecdote, which a tipster shared with Finke:

When the film's British writer David Hare, who adapted the WWII-era romance from Bernhard Schlink's novel, was flown across the Atlantic recently, he was startled to see that his ticket was issued using Harvey's personal frequent flyer mileage. "I think we may be in worse trouble than we thought," Hare said to people with the film.

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