♦ The TV Guide Channel is for sale if you happen to be looking for junky media properties to purchase this afternnon. [Variety]
♦ What's Tom Brokaw been up to? It seems he's been playing peacemaker with the McCain campaign on behalf of NBC News. [NYT]
♦ There are 336 magazines devoted to food and cooking, believe it or not. [WSJ]
♦ How People snagged its exclusive with Clay Aiken. [Jossip]
♦ Follow the money: Doubledown Media, which owns Trader, is launching a second title in Dubai. [WWD]
♦ Just three days after Ogilvy & Mather won the account for Wachovia, the bank went bust. [NYT]
♦ Some 52 million Americans watched the debate last Friday; ABC led the pack with 11.04 million viewers. [TV Week]