The $7 hot dog has new competition at Shea Stadium: the homey slurry of deliciousness that is Kozy Shack pudding. "Kozy Shack, which is based in Hicksville, N.Y., is trying to position its products as a healthy alternative to the foods that most people look forward to at a ballgame." Since it's a mixture of cream, sugar and eggs, a baseball stadium is probably the only place that Kozy Shack is, by comparison, healthy. Custard-skeptics argue that "Walking into a game, that's the last thing that I'd want." These people have never experienced the raw pleasure of spitting tapioca pearls through a straw at people 3 rows in front of you. Kozy Shack will continue to give out free pudding one day each month through September. The next pudding day is July 25. Let's hope Kozy Shack has invented a flavor in orange and blue by then.