The success of Sex and the City has convinced execs that film versions of beloved 90's sitcoms are a good idea, so a Friends movie is on the way. The article emphasizes Jennifer Aniston's role in the decision making process and speculates she's jealous of Sarah Jessica Parker's recent success. We should put together a magazine exclusively dedicated to speculating about Jennifer Aniston's emotions. It seems to be a popular preoccupation these days.

This is a horrible idea. Sex and the City was pay cable and it was classy. Watching it always felt like you were getting a little gem. Sometimes the gems sucked, but the irregular production schedule and HBO gloss made you feel like it was special. Also, partial nudity!

Friends was sharp, sure, but it was mass produced. We've got 238 episodes of it, and we've spent the past 10 years catching re-runs of it at 6:30 because we had nothing better to do between the gym and dinner. The characters are definitely beloved, but I don't know if a movie feels appropriate to it.

One issue is that Friends was a old-school three-camera sitcom. The genre leads to an unusual level of reality that can be hard to could be hard to bring to the screen. Also, they're old. Do we want to see Phoebe Buffay in her late 40s?

The biggest question, though: Can they get Marcel the monkey to sign on?

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