Now we can breathe: Sarah Lacy has found a personal assistant

So you know how in Sex and the City: The Movie, Carrie Bradshaw interviews, like, a bazillion young women trying to find a personal assistant before finally deciding on the sassy, "urban," but safe Jennifer Hudson? No? OK, well, if you saw the movie it was you'd know it was such an ordeal. And then you'd have sympathy for famous reporter and author Sarah Lacy — who, like Bradshaw, just found herself a personal assistant and sent a Twitter message about it last night. She writes:

tentatively happy times....i *might* have found the perfect personal assistant! SANITY MAY BE IN REACH!

We're happy for her! The tipster who spotted the message is not and even suggested a headline: "Sarah Lacy wants you to know she's important." But we already knew that!