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A full half of our usual readership came to Valleywag on Christmas day last year. Even more showed up on New Year's Eve. We figure a good percentage of you will be stuck at the office today, too. So if you can't come out to see the Fourth of July fireworks tonight, we'll bring them to you, with the Web's 10 best fireworks videos. A surprising six come from IAC's Vimeo, proving that hosting expensive high-definition content is totally worth it at least once a year. All of them are guaranteed not to maim small children or start wildfires.

More videos capture the 2008 Taipei 101 New Year fireworks display than any other on the Internet. See why.

Fireworks are best viewed at 30,000 feet.

Fireworks at 30,000 ft from Chris Bodenner on Vimeo.

Portland Rose Festival Fireworks! Click through to watch it in HD on Vimeo.

Portland Rose Festival Fireworks! from Andrew Curtis on Vimeo.

The Brooklyn Bridge 125th anniversary fireworks — click through to watch it in HD on Vimeo.

Brooklyn Bridge 125th Anniversary Grucci Fireworks from Craig Seeman on Vimeo.

The Fourth of July scene from The Sandlot.

Apparently the last 24 Inch Fireworks Shell exploded in the States.

Fire Works 4th Of July 2007 Washington DC — the nation's capital.

More Fireworks in HD.

Fireworks HV20 from Vedran on Vimeo.

A 36 inch shell exploded in daylight.

This is called a 625 Shot Dragon Egg Fireworks cake and its completely insane.

(Photo by Mr Magoo ICU)