Billion-Dollar Babies In Love

  • The daughter of former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel, Courtenay, is dating the heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, Casey. Semel used to date Lindsay Lohan, Johnson used to date a dude, until he was "snatched" away by her aunt. [P6]
  • Guy Ritchie was seen repeatedly drinking alone in his pub, listening to a folk guitarist, so everyone assumed his divorce with Madonna was about to finally happen. There was something about her kissing Gwyneth Paltrow. Then the pop starlet issued a big massive denial of the divorce, and her affair with A-Rod, and everything. No one's really sure whether to believe her.
  • Eliot Spitzer hooker Ashley Alexandra Dupre is no longer suing Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis for distributing racy footage shot when she was 17. It is time to "focus on the positive" ways to exploit being a famous call girl. [Post]
  • A former staffer for celebrity TV chef Rachael Ray said he was harassed for being anorexic. OK, so I suppose there is at least one bad reason to decline to eat Rachael Ray's food. [Post]
  • Once-pregnant transexual man Thomas Beatie gave birth to a healthy baby girl without a c-section. [ABC News]
  • There are threats of a Friends movie. Sex And The City is, of course, responsible for this travesty. [P6]