Court documents show Facebook's worth $3.75 billion, unless you're Microsoft

Court documents in the ConnectU case reveal that when it comes to the price of Facebook common shares, Facebook's board values the company at $3.75 billion — far lower than the $15 billion valuation set by Microsoft's $240 million purchase of 1.6 percent of the company. As an investor, Microsoft owns preferred stock — worth more in part because, in case of an acquisition or an IPO, it's the stuff that gets sold first. That means Facebook board really thinks the company isn't worth $3.75 billion or $15 billion, but somewhere in between. Actual shareholders — including Facebook employees, we've heard — are more than willing to move their shares at a $4 billion valuation. The revealing court documents, in which ConnectU lawyers complain about Facebook's valuation, are embedded below. Before you feel too sympathetic, ask yourself: Isn't this the kind of thing lawyers are paid to know?

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