Big Love (and other, weirder stuff) actress Chloë Sevigny was spotted over the weekend jamming out at a Sonic Youth concert with Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan. Some disapproving, fellow VIP section member sent us a sighting complete with name-calling and ass-bashing. And yet, whole worlds away, a mysterious would be Romeo posted a similar sighting on Craigslist, hoping for the bobo queen to give him a call. What different passions you stoke, Chloë. Read from the Sevigny files after the jump.

For Stalker:

I saw Chloe Sevigny and Ira Kaplan (Yo la Tengo) in the VIP section of the Feelies/Sonic Youth concert at Battery Park on July 4th. Ira was polite and smiled, but demurred from conversation to listen to the band. Chloe Sevigny walked by us - apparently to kibbitz with the band(s) after the show - she was ice-princess-y and wore ripped jean cut offs that made her butt look flat. I don't want to be a hatrer, but the girl looked trashy.

From Craigslist: