Blake Lively Pissed At Seventeen By Proxy

  • Gossip Girl's Blake Lively — woops, sorry, her people, since she refuses to even look at it or something — is/are supposedly pissed at Seventeen over how she looks on the cover, because it looks nothing like her (too distinctive/memorable? Not bland enough??). They love her Vanity Fair and Cosmo covers, though. [Post]
  • Lawyers for the wife of Yankees star Alex Rodriguez say Madonna contributed to the break-up of the Rodriguez's marriage, without going so far as to say Madonna and Alex Rodriguez had sex. They don't really need to prove that, since Rodriguez allegedly had many other affairs. Madonna, you'll recall, has denied any affair, as well as her alleged impending divorce from Guy Ritchie. It's possible they just had some kind of weird Kabbalah thing going on. [Sun]
  • The Times ran a story on the University of Pennsylvania controversially naming a building after former Page Six editor Claudia Cohen, so now Page Six claims Cohen's many friends "are furious" over the item, and the gossip section is calling the Times story a "smear," since that's the official, empty News Corp. countercharge of the week. [Post]
  • Sam Ronson gave Lindsay Lohan a $22,000 ring for her 22nd birthday, because she loves her THAT MUCH. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Drew Barrymore broke up with her boyfriend Justin Long, the "Mac" character in those obnoxious Apple Mac vs. PC ads. [People]
  • HBO is suing Boston club promoters who, by pretending to be execs at the cable network, got competitors to shut down their Sex And The City parties. Sadly, it's too late for the rest of us to take notes on these innovative, SATC-deflating tactics. [Post]
  • Sad Broadway scion Eric Nederlander is not only on his way to his second speedy divorce but also owes $220,000 in back taxes and faces his third lien since 2002. [Post]