Duchovny Out of Rehab, Roaming Streets of NYC

David Duchovny has left the rehab facility where he's spent the last few weeks receiving treatment for sex addiction. He's now in NYC with wife Tea Leoni. [Us]
Brangelina has left town. The family was spotted walking around New Orleans yesterday. [E!]
Madonna made fun of Sarah Palin at her concert at the Meadowlands on Saturday night. [P6]
Clint Eastwood might think Sarah Palin would make a good VP, although he didn't actually say it in so many words. [P6]
Break out the tissues: Holly Madison says she and Hugh Hefner are no longer together. [TMZ]

Kate Moss is supposedly buying 300 pairs of high-priced headphones so she can have "quiet disco" parties at her house without irritating her neighbors. [Daily Star]
Andrew Lloyd Webber says he has no plans to leave his $1.3 billion to his kids when he dies. [P6]
Is Rachel Zoe lying about her age? [NYDN]
Matt Damon competed in a triathalon in Miami on Sunday. [People]
Victoria Beckham's son Brooklyn really likes the Beatles. [P6]
Mariah Carey's friends think she might be pregnant because she's put on a couple pounds and she's been seeing her doctor regularly. [The Sun]
In the November issue of Harper's Bazaar, Drew Barrymore says she "burst into tears" after hearing Barack Obama speak about gay rights. [Us]
A group of fashionistas are furious they had to pay for their own cab rides home from fashion designer Sonia Rykiel's after-party outside of Paris last week. [P6]
George Hamilton is writing a tell-all. [Cindy Adams]
Minnie Driver posted a photo of herself with newborn son Henry on her MySpace page. [NYDN]
Gerard Butler says he's definitely not dating Jennifer Aniston. [Janet Charlton]
The Iranian actress in Leonardo DiCaprio's new movie, Golshifteh Farahani, is being put on trial in Iran for starring in a Hollywood film. [R&M]
Tom Arnold is supposedly going through a "rigorous detox regime" to get over his addiction to soda, cake, and nicotine. [Daily Star]