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Yaz is back. And no, we're not talking about the birth control pill. Rather, we're referencing the new wave duo from the early `80s whose synth heavy anthems like "Situation" and "Don't Go" are still getting spins on radio and in the clubs. Featuring the lusty vocals of blue-eyed soul singer Alison Moyet and the beats of original Depeche Mode songwriter Vince Clarke, Yaz put out two albums before splitting in 1983. Though they never quite infiltrated the U.S. culturally the way their contemporaries like The Cure and Depeche Mode did, they did manage to gained themselves a cult following with an influential and loyal group of fans: the gays.

As Moyet told the LA Times today, “I'm aware that I have a lot of gay fans, and I love it." During their brief heyday the duo only played New York, which means their three shows in LA this week are a boon for all the gays who missed them the first time around, some 25 odd years ago.

After two records, which were hits in the U.K. but failed to crack the Billboard Top 20 here, they went their separate ways, with Moyet pursuing a solo career, and Clarke forming Erasure. But whatever you do, don’t call them “new wave.” The LA Times has a story on the reunion of the short-lived UK duo today, and quotes Vince Clark, one half of the duo, as saying “I feel very 'old wave' these day. I'm old and wavering."

You can catch them performing during any of the three nights they'll be at the Orpheum Theatre. They'll be playing on tonight at 8pm, and again on July 10 and 11.