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On Monday, we posted Muxtape founder Justin Ouellette's accidentally-emailed-to-the-Internet photo of a napkin on which he'd scribbled details of his investment deal with Jakob Lodwick. Lodwick, best known for getting fired from Vimeo, an online video-sharing site he founded, now owned by IAC. He now spends his days playing the solipsistic teenager in a man's Crocs-shod body. Now Lodwick's replacement at Vimeo, director of development Andrew Pile, joins the fun.

He's posted the above image — details of an apparent deal with the devil — to his blog, titling it "For personal reference only, please don’t read!" He's gently mocking his former charge, Ouellette, who accidentally emailed terms of his own deal with the devilishly pranky Lodwick to his blog instead of his own inbox. We're hoping Pile's gag keeps running, and encourage you to accidentally leak all your deals to us.

Pile is in the comfortable position of being able to mock Lodwick, Vimeo's Iconoclastic founder, because according to one source, he's largely responsible for saving the site, growing its traffic 600 percent in the last 8 months. What's Pile done so well? Our source says Pile has kept his team focused on improving Vimeo's usability with tweaks here and there, increasing traffic in 5 and 10 percent bumps that have really added up. But also, our source says, Pile's done a very good job of not being Jakob Lodwick, whose "focuses were kind of on the wrong things."