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MySpace's most popular escort, Ashley Alexandra Dupré, doesn't look like a sort-of bisexual reality star — not yet. "They're talking to MTV about Ashley being the next Tila Tequila," claimed a source supposedly close to the reality TV producers who aim to squeeze a few more minutes of fame out of the woman who's been shamefully credited with former New York governor Eliot Spitzer's downfall. So a reality show about prostitution? One's already been running online, recorded at the panopticonically perfect Prague brothel Big Sister, where clients get sex for free if they'll allow their sessions with escorts to be part of the show.

Male performers ("guests") are asked to show up sober and pay a 10 euro fee towards towels, robes, and other amenities. And for that? One hour of decently legal sex with a professional. As no masks are allowed, "guests" get to show off their o-face in full streaming glory, previewable for free. Dupré's already been solicited for a brothel appearance at Nevada's legal cathouse, The Moonlite BunnyRanch. As that didn't pan out, take this unsolicited suggestion, Ashley: open your own reality brothel in Nevada, and we'll send a reporter stat. And we won't let Robert Scoble come Ustream you, we promise.