We said the sassy, well-researched profiles on newly-launched Cityfile were going to be controversial, and it sure didn't take long to be proven correct — three days, to be precise. The "who's who" site for Gothamites has already landed on Page Six, where David Patrick Columbia of NewYorkSocialDiary.com is upset to be listed as "gay," and a bit more than upset that two breakups were detailed (inaccurately, he says) in his profile. Site founder Remy Stern refused to buckle under the criticism, and even maintained the site's bitchy tone in his retort, thus passing an early test of his fortitude as a publisher with flying colors — assuming he has his facts nailed down, as he maintains. After the jump, a taste of Columbia's profile, Columbia's critique and Stern's reply.

The profile:

By 1973, though, he'd fallen in love with a man, and he soon divorced his wife and moved to Westchester, where he opened up a head shop. He says he had a coke, mescaline, and pot habit at the time... He ghostwrote Debbie Reynolds' autobiography, worked as an assistant to Shampoo producer Lester Persky, and hung out with Hollywood A-listers. But when his longtime boyfriend left him, a despondent Columbia returned to NYC, moving in with old friend Beth Rudin DeWoody.

...Columbia is loved by aging socialites across town, mostly because they can rest assured he'll never say anything nasty about them.


Your 'researched' profile of me, aside from being sexist, is full of inaccuracies presumably made by gleaning inaccurate reporting or false presumptions made by adolescents . . . I don't mind telling you guys anything . . . but I'd assume you'd get it right. Also: Are you all closet cases over there with your categorizing people in terms of their sexual inclinations.

Cityfile's reply:

Unlike NYSD, we have no interest in breathless, fawning coverage of high society. The purpose of the site is to tell it like it is. And so we're noting if someone is a dog owner, is Jewish, is vegan, owns a house in East Hampton, or is gay.