The Wall Street Journal would like to inform you about, a "website" that starts "memes" such as "LOLCats," which is "humorous images of cats with loud text beneath them in a fake language," and the "Rick Roll," an "online bait-and-switch" that sends you to "the music video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up," a hit song from 1988." The Wall Street Journal, by the way, is a "newspaper." And formerly anonymous 4chan founder Christopher Poole was on a self-revealing spree, because the same day, Time magazine ran a 4chan story as well. It's a LOL-MSM-MEME unto itself!

The Time piece is livelier that the Journal's, but guess what shows up in it: that's right, all the exact same facts! 4chan was started by a 15-year-old kid. It is dirty. Memes. LOLCats. Big audience, small money. Porny! Hard to sell ads! But "moot," the founder of the site, does have the right idea, PR-wise:

He wouldn't be above cashing out for the right price, which is $580 million, which is what Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. paid for MySpace in 2005. "I try to work Murdoch into any interview I give," he says. "Rupert Murdoch?"

My shirt right now is as wrinkly as Rupert Murdoch. Meme!

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