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As C. Montgomery Burns would say, "Ahoy-hoy!" Just a quick note on this lovely Thursday morning. We're excited to announce that Sarah Regan, of Prongs Of LA infamy, will be on board in a guest blogger capacity for the next two days. As is customary around these parts, I'll step away from the mic and allow Sarah to introduce herself to you...

My name is Sarah Regan, and I'm really excited to be here for the next couple of days. Get ready, because unless there's a gallon of hummus and a Quantum Leap marathon involved, nothing thrills me more than sharing my thoughts on all things entertainment and gently mocking your common, crap-bag celebrity. Born and bred in New Jersey, I did not sport gold chains, wife-beaters or Z.Cavariccis, although I do now, exclusively. I lived in Boston and worked in advertising where much of my bitter sarcasm was lovingly nurtured and honed due to the apparent lack of various harassment policies. Eventually, it became too exhausting having to continuously argue that calling sprinkles "jimmies" is not only retarded, but it's also pretty gay, so I moved west. Since landing in LA, I've worn various production hats in the worlds of scripted and documentary features and reality television, but most recently I decided to flex my long-tenderized writing muscles and started a blog called Prongs Of LA. But more often than not, I can be found lazing around on my Barcalounger, yelling at the TV, and consuming unfathomable quantities of filet mignon. What do you expect from a 400-pound recluse?

Lovely, isn't she? Her first post will be going up in a few minutes ... be gentle!