Cara Carleton "Carly" Fiorina (née Sneed) (thanks Wikipedia!) used to be the most powerful woman in business, back when she was running HP. She ran HP into the ground, btw, forcing a deadly merger with Compaq, laying off 7,000 people, losing market share to Dell and IBM, and finally being forced out by the board. She received a ridiculous $21 million cash severance payment (breaking the company's own severance cap) and she also somehow received a reputation as someone to be taken seriously in matters of business. Now her job is to convince people that John McCain is business-friendly and knowledgeable about money in general. America! Lloyd Grove interviewed her for Portfolio. This is our favorite quote:

C.F.: No, absolutely not, and it wasn't $12 then. It was twice that. [These days Hewlett is trading at around $43.] You know, I knew what was coming at Hewlett-Packard. My choices and my leadership had been completely validated by what happened from the moment I left. And by the way, the best legacy of a leader is what happens after they go. That's how you know the kind of foundation they put in place. So I still root for them. I'm very proud of them. I have a lot of friends there, and I'm extraordinarily pleased.

Hah. The new culture of responsibility—happily accepting responsibility for how well things went once you finally left.

Anyways Carly loves John McCain because even though he understands fuck-all about fiscal policy he's NEVER ASKED FOR AN EARMARK EVER. Also because she maybe wants a cabinet position?