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When you're a hooker, what does a salacious affair with a married, holier-than-thou governor whose last name makes unoriginal bloggers giddy with glee get you? Prison? A hefty fine? A case of the poon-scratchies? If you're a regular lady of the night, all of those outcomes are possible. But when you're Ashley Dupre, you also get your very own reality dating show! Yes, Hollywood is apparently following in the footsteps of – well, everyone – and jumping into bed with a high-priced call girl who overcharges for inevitably crappy hand jobs. (Producers, take note.) Upon hearing the news, potential contestants everywhere quickly formed a line and searched for fluffers when they assumed "try outs" for "dating show" meant something else entirely.

Yes, our little Ashley is growing up so fast. It seems like it was just yesterday that she was riding bareback and going wild for lovable, porn enthusiast Joe Francis. And now, she's inked a reported deal with management company, Handprint Entertainment. The firm will undoubtedly serve her well, as they have years of experience managing other classy luminaries like Pamela Anderson.

Dupre is rumored to be leaving New Jersey (the unofficial prostitute harborer) and heading west to pursue her dream of becoming the next Tila Tequila. When Ashley Dupre dreams, she dreams big.

Although details of the potential reality show are sketchy, you can certainly expect bikinis, the cast of the Real World, jello, subtitles and penicillin to make numerous appearances.