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John Cusack is suing Intermedia Film Equities USA for breach of contract in the amount of $5.6 million, after production was canceled on his upcoming film Stopping Power. Originally scheduled to shoot in Germany, Cusack signed on to star after Intermedia guaranteed him a "pay or play" fixed compensation of $4.5 million, along with an additional $50,000 to cover the cost of Cusack's staff while on location. $50,000? Who knew Lane Meyer was so high maintenance? Fortunately, we here at Defamer were able to get our hands on a top secret copy of Cusack's rider. We break down exactly where that $50K would've gone after the jump.

The breakdown goes as follows:
· $3,500 – Assistant to apply patented Leatherman B-Gone Spray
· $4,000 – Sweat shop worker to custom make a 6-week supply of Chuck Taylors
· $5,000 – Blogger to ghost write for Huffington Post
· $7,500 – Joan Cusack impersonator to act as security blanket
· $10,000 – Lili Taylor
· $20,000 – On-set shrink to help deal with recently developed scorpion-in-crotch phobia

After canceling production, Intermedia has since sent an olive branch to Cusack in the form of a trench-coat wearing PA, whose elevated iPod serenaded him with the sounds of Peter Gabriel. The PA was last seen running down the PCH being chased by a homicidal paper boy.