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There hasn't been a show as hotly anticipated as the 90210 revamp since last year's Knight Rider. (You heard me.) And as we wait with bated breath wondering about the casting fate of teen counseling sensation and all around Losing My Religion-loving Brenda, let's catch up with some former cast members to see how life is treating them.

9021-Oh Yes: Jennie Garth was recently photographed filming scenes for the new season, looking appropriately guidance counselor-esque, sporting the latest fashions from the Coldwater Creek catalog. What happened to 1992 when Kelly Taylor was slutting it up at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, betraying her friend, and licking Dylan's sideburns? Sure, it may be an unrealistic portrayal for her character now, but perhaps just a dash of the Collin-adoring, coke-snorting Kelly from 1996 wouldn't hurt.

More details on David Silver and Peach Pit impresario Nat Bussichio after the jump!

9021-Oh My: Fire up those mega-burgers, because Joe E. Tata is back for the pilot – and possibly additional episodes. Will Nat Bussichio's little-seen wife return? Or will be continue down Creepy Street hanging with 30-year-olds and dispensing heavy-handed and inevitably grease-laden advice?

9021-Oh No: Unfortunately, West Beverly's greatest dancer and Color Me Badd stalker, David Silver, will not be returning to the beloved zip code. Besides, Brian Austin Green has bigger fish with down-playing his status as possible Megan Fox Maneating victim. As he told The Insider, "We're solid. We've lived together for three years. We have tattoos of each other's names." Which, of course, means Notorious BAG will soon be visiting his local tatoo-removal establishment.