At one time-1994, specifically-Nas was the king of New York, and the greatest rapper alive. Over successive albums he got somewhat less great. But he did a good job of scoring free publicity for his new album by naming it "Nigger," then, predictably, being forced to change it. You have to like him though-he's the kind of guy who tells the WSJ that he envisions the hip hop nation growing old and "going to Snoop Dogg concerts in the meadow." And he has this sweet Fox News dis track out too. You all (meaning "Briganti & Co.") should have memorized it by now:

More bonus points to Nas for this answer to the WSJ:

A lot of your peers have tried to branch out from music as entrepreneurs and by endorsing brands. Why have you avoided that?

I love the music. I don't feel like doing anything else. I really like to wake up and look at the sky through the nice window where I live and know that the music and the people made this possible. There's no better joy. Anything I do on the side will be very low-key.

And here's "Sly Fox," where he describes Fox News as "Propaganda/ Visual cancer." Yea, that's about right.