This... is odd. UK newspaper company Guardian Media Group just bought a blog! For more than $30 million! (To be fair, that's like 10 million quid now probably, but still.) The blog is paidContent; it covers dry internet media news and chronicles lots of important business-y stuff involving "digital media." It's a very nice site, but $30 million? While media stocks tank? For a site whose revenue comes from, like, bankers making money off media deals? Ok, Guardian! It's your money! But there's more good news: this deal will annoy Jason Calacanis!

paidContent was founded (in a STUDIO APARTMENT) by Rafat Ali, who still publishes and edits the site. Ali used to work for former Blog Mogul Jason Calacanis! Calacanis sold his Weblogs Inc (encompassing like 100 separate blogs [admittedly only a third of which were actually regularly updated]) to AOL back in the day for (A MEASLY) $25 million. Now Ali sells his four sites for even more money! Internet success story!