"The Twitter Dome Scandal" a tempest in a teapot

According to newly suggested house rules, your representatives in Washington will be able to circumvent CSPAN and bore you with canned speeches and mind-numbing rhetoric over live video broadcasting sites like Qik. Why does anyone care? Because John Culberson, R-Texas, tweeted "I just learned the Dems are trying to censor Congressmen's ability to use Twitter Qik YouTube, Utterz etc — outrageous and I will fight them," and blogosphere wingbats raised a hue and cry. Nancy Pelosi, D.-Calif., declined to use her Digg account to promote the story, instead issuing a press release promising to "ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used for political or commercial purposes." Me, I'm just scared that the raging-est blowhards in Washington, the House of Representatives, have discovered Twitter. No good can come of this.