Every so often, usually on Fridays, I see someone post a comment along the lines of, "This is execution bait," or "Ketch hasn't filled his quota yet," or "I am allowed to behave like a feckless prat in the comments because the subject matter of this post is sensitive." I don't really have a problem with the first two sample quotes, but I think that they lead to the third. In a way, I am thankful. Anyone addled enough to believe that their racist/sexist/stupidest thoughts are welcome simply because the subject matter of a post deals with someone else's racist/sexist/stupidest thoughts is clearly not long for this commenting world. However, I worry that some of the soon-to-be-deceased see the suggestion of "baiting" as their invitation to be annoying. And that is, well, really annoying. To clarify: no one is asking you to be offensive, ever. Anyways, on to the bloodshed!

Executed: KillBuzzington

Crime: I keep forgetting to kill you, so thanks for this racist and unsubstantive reminder!

Executed: Verwoerdon

Crime: If you could show me a poll in which every single black person in America unanimously agrees that they would still vote for Barack Obama were he to axe-murder someone on national television, I will be happy to reinstate you. Wait, no I won't, because look at how you chose to end your salient insight.

Executed: EllisD

Crime: TMZ roolz, right! (EllisD has been dead for a few days, but this is a notably dumb comment. It assumes that a) Open Caption has any kind of newsworthy component; b) John Mayer walking on the street is news; and c) TMZ is good for anything but trend pieces explaining why the internet is the nadir of civilization.)

Have a non-stupid weekend, free of imaginary bait.