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The 9 Group is Patricia Handschiegel's latest startup after having sold her fashion site StyleDiary. Her plan is to work as a content and audience development consultant with her partners, and focus on "solving problems media, entertainment and brands are having on the Internet." Basically, she got tired of giving free advice to C-level executives at major talent agencies. Somehow, it's not hard to picture Handschiegel telling other people what to do.

As sole founder, she's bootstrapping for now, but upfront about her plans to cash out in three years — how L.A. gauche, yet refreshingly honest! Valley entrepreneurs only blather dishonestly about how they're "building a company for the long term." Meanwhile, she'll be penning a column for TV Week, Digital Dish, about the experience transitioning from Web technology into the entertainment industry, which should make interesting reading for those of you out there looking to go Hollywood.