"P is for Pageviews and Payscale of Poo"

Commie time! Usually I'll collect comment-of-the-week picks from the other writers and let you know who selected what, but I think that makes it seem like only they liked that comment. So while there is input from four of us after the jump, I'll just keep anonymous. Because everyone loved everyone this week. And that's the way it should be.

  • From blogissuchanuglyword in James Kurisunkal, Midwestern Teen Socialite Chronicler, Makes It In New York:

    "I've recently started a blog where I write about people from Tennessee, whom I have never met. They send me pictures of themselves trying on clothes at JCPenny's, filling up a gas stations, and attending early Saturday afternoon baby showers. I add little blurbs about what it must be like to live there and who-snubbed-who in the Whole Foods parking lot the day before."
  • From mathnet in XXL Magazine Threatened by Utter Teh Gheyness of Hipsters:

    "You know what would be so ironic? BAGGY PANTS"
  • From Sasquatch in Wall-E's Big, Fat, Offensive Problem:

    "Generally speaking, people who get offended by accurate satire are douches." -Just perfect.
  • From Multiphasic in Presented Without Comment:

    "I just want one of the ladies to turn around and snap at him, 'Stop following this commenter!'"
  • From ColonelMustard in TMZ Steals From the Poor and Gives to Themselves:

  • "P is for Pageviews and Payscale of Poo"

    Your Party Pick (send choices to richardl at gawker dot com) goes to RollsRoyceRevenge in Look, We Made You a Gawker Glossary!:

    "A is for Alec

    B is for Blagg

    C is for Cats on a LOL jag

    D is for Denton, that hot little flooze

    E is for Emily and all her tattoos

    F is for Shelia who ought to be Fired

    G is for Gawker where I'd like to be hired

    H is for Hater which is just such a bore

    I is for Internet invented by Gore

    J is for she who shall never see show

    K is for Karen, last name of Uh-Oh

    L is for Lodiwick and his Lovely balloon

    M is for kicking his ass to the Moon

    N is for N + 1 (they keep us all gessin'!)

    O God, we all think, Moe's interview was depressin'

    P is for Page views and Payscale of Poo

    Q is for Queens-think I see one or two

    R is for Richard, who I'd like to know better

    S is for Josh in a hideous Sweater

    T is for Tionna

    U is for UnFun

    V is for Views-no, that's already done

    W is for Work which we all should be doing

    XXX is for Fleshbot and free pics of screwing

    Y is for Yawn, and invitation to Ketch

    Z is for….

    Fucking hell."

    Something about that last bit just really reflects Gawker, in a way. So, good work all! Enjoy your weekends, especially to the happy Tarkin couple.