Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer came by the Gawker offices last night. Late last night. After Blakeley's Media Meshing party, while various of our peers were back in the office playing beer pong. We don't know why he was there. We weren't there! Though Rex Sorgatz, who does not work for Gawker, was! Comment Guru Kaila was there too, and she shares this Scott Kidder photograph of the odd event along with her own recounting of the details:

Last night, Manhattan Borough President and proud parrot-owner Scott Stringer made a surprise visit to the Gawker Media inner sanctum. The perma-Upper West Sider, who is said to be eyeing a run at citywide office, confessed affection for Gawker and old sister site Wonkette. Interested in the machinations of new media, Stringer regaled us with tales of how it used to be: when he worked for future Congressman Jerry Nadler in the '80s, Nadler's press releases went to old media types not by phone or fax or smoke signal, but by Stringer himself, who used to ride the subways around town all day to hand-deliver the pages to the city's newsdesks.

Huh. So... he thinks he will be the next mayor? And, even more ludicrous, he thinks the support of Gawker will somehow help? (We have our suspicious as to which Dem campaign consultants recommended this little visit.)