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While you're celebrating another Friday with Irish car bombs, smokes, and An Actor's Guide to Manorexia (or tequila, for those of you who aren't Colin Farrell), perhaps you don't realize we all have a much bigger reason to celebrate today – it's Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson's four month anniversary! As with all immature 15-year-olds, these two lovebirds are professing their love via text message. But words alone will never portray true love (suck it, Shakespeare), they need the stuff! So kick back with a bottle of Cuervo, and allow us to present our Top 10 Gift Ideas for this adorably new couple!

10. Gift certificate to California Closets – Storing pocketless leggings will never be a problem again.
9. Offer to "bind" scripts in brown paper bags – It sounds silly, but little Lindsay never experienced high school
8. Black Sharpies – "I Love Samster" "Lindsay Lohan"
7. Silk boxers
6. Dinner at Pink Taco – Harry Morton will take night off
5. Georgia O'Keefe painting
4. 5 cases of Red Bull and a threesome with a Marilyn Monroe impersonator – Fulfills dreams on several levels
3. Hat rack specifically designed for Fedoras
2. Mix Tapes – Don't worry, Ronson is hip and old school. You can tell from the t-shirts she wears
1. Large tube of 100 SPF sunscreen — Why risk cancer when A) you're pale skinned and B) you've found the love of your life?

Happy anniversary, kids!

[Photo Credit: X17]