Real estate developer and Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman doesn't make too many appearances on Fox News or Fox Business Channel, which may have something to do with the fact both networks are controlled by his arch-enemy, Rupert Murdoch. Today Zuckerman appeared on Fox Business to discuss the bailout and made the egregious error of quoting a figure from the Financial Times. Didn't Mort get the memo in the green room that you're only supposed to cite Murdoch's Wall Street Journal on the air? Apparently not! But the tension between the two billionaires seems to have cooled: Zuckerman says he thinks the Journal has only gotten better since News Corp. took over, and—just in case you're tuning in, Rupert!—Mort would also like you to know he thanks you kindly for his free subscription. Also: Zuckerman thinks the bailout should have been extended to newspaper publishers, too. Now that would be convenient, wouldn't it?