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♦ Now that Madonna and Guy Ritchie have officially split, the focus is now on her relationship with Alex Rodriguez: Some say he knew that the separation announcement was coming, which is why he's been "lying low" in a five-star Beverly Hills hotel for the past few days. [Us, NYP, E!]
♦ How's Guy doing? Don't worry about him: He could walk away with as much as $250 mil. in a settlement since he and Madonna never had a prenup. [NYP]
♦ A sex tape starring Peter Cook and Diana Bianchi may be out there, although Cook's lawyers are still saying he has "no knowledge" it exists. [P6]
♦ David Duchovny and Tea Leoni have officially split up. We're as shocked as you are [E!]
♦ Raffaello Follieri didn't just swindle adults. He also tricked a 15-year-old girl by promising to get her Anne Hathaway's autograph and then never coming though. Now she's suing him. [NYDN]

♦ Jay Leno is being sued by the family of the late Macy's heir John Straus over a $180,000 car he bought at auction, which the family now wants back. [NYDN]
♦ Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer supposedly went on a "romantic" date, with three other friends in tow, on Tuesday night in LA. [Us]
♦ Amy Winehouse screamed at the devil, smashed her guitar, and "lost it" while she was at a recording studio. [The Sun]
♦ Jury selection began yesterday in the trial over charges Britney Spears drove without a license. They have juries for that? [People]
♦ Did Rihanna cheat on Chris Brown with Kanye West? [Star]
♦ Stevie Wonder's Southern California home (and all of the memorabilia inside of it) burned in the LA wildfires last week. [P6]
♦ Kevin Costner's wife Christine is expecting. [Star]
♦ Ryan O'Neal says the drugs found in his Malibu home last month weren't his, they were his son's. [NYDN]
♦ Reese Witherspoon supposedly gave Jake Gyllenhaal a "private strip show" in a dressing room while they were lingerie shopping in London last week. [Star]
♦ Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag are reportedly friends again, in case you care. [ET]
♦ Stephen Baldwin, who will be judging Michael Lohan's boxing match next month, says Barack Obama is a "cultural terrorist" who he wants to fight in the ring. [R&M, P6]
♦ The US Supreme Court refused to hear Survivor winner Richard Hatch's appeal over his tax fraud case, which means he'll be staying in prison until October 2009. [NYDN]
♦ Chris Kattan and Sunshine Tutt are officially divorced, less than two months after they got married. [People]