So Julia Allison and fellow internet fameballs Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin have launched their big new project thing, Non Society, which they describe as "YOUR WINDOW INTO OUR CRAZY LIVES." On the site, they are each "lifecasting," which consists of taking the Tumblr blogs they already had and turning them sideways, so they scroll horizontally. CRAZY. Also, they made a four-minute video in which Allison rides on the lap of a zamboni driver, Asha poses topless with an iPhone and Rambin buys merchandise without insurance. CRAZY. The video is filled with the sort of footage the trio was already shooting, but heavily-edited, MTV style, and with an Aerosmith song in the background ("Pink"). This is the "online show" Allison talked about after she was fired from Star magazine, the one for which she lined up outside investment? That actually is truly crazy. Intro video after the jump.

[Non Society]