In motion picture form at least. When the curly-haired actor filmed 54-about the coke-fueled heady (heh) days of kinda sorta really gay Manhattan nightclub Studio 54-ten years ago, his character (gasp!) made out with boys. Specifically, in a bisexual relationship with costar Breckin Meyer. Though of course the studio balked and made the film's writer/director Mark Christopher ramp up a silly relationship with Neve Campbell's character and edit out nearly all the gay stuff. For those reasons and others, the movie was a big ol' flop of joke. But now, fiinally, at a secret screening during Los Angeles' Outfest gay film festival, a packed house finally got to see the original, queer cut of the film. "And it's MUCH better and much more gay!"

So how different is the directior's cut? VERY. And it's MUCH better and much more gay! Phillippe's character is bisexual in this superior version and shares screen kisses with several men, including Breckin Meyer who since this movie, has been one of Phillippe's closest friends off-screen. The skittish studio had seen this terrific 1 hour and 45 minutes cut and demanded that 45 minutes of it be cut and that additional scenes be shot to beef up what had been essentially a brief fling between Phillippe and Campbell into more of a full-blown relationship.

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