They're building tons of new condos and high-rise apartments in and around Williamsburg, the hipster neighborhood that has been mostly gentrified but still has some rough edges. Like last night: a "machete-wielding mob," as the the Daily News called it, stabbed two teens on S. 3rd St. in what's thought to be a gang-related beef. An hour and a half before that, a man was shot near Roebling and S. 9th St. [via Curbed]

Gentrification tends to slow down during a recession (or the current crappy economic blip; whatever you'd like to call it). These incidents may or may not be freak isolated occurrences, but it's almost like the media's waiting for the natural step during a recession: crime wave!

Perhaps the developers behind the fancy new buildings will install walls and armed guards to keep the huddled masses out—now, how to avoid reality on their walks to the J train?