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Widgetmaker RockYou acquired Pieces of Flair and Speed Racing, applications which, according to Facebook's directory, see about 432,042 and 190,441 daily active users. Terms of the deals weren't disclosed, but an industry insider says RockYou probably paid $1 million for Speed Racing and $2 million for Pieces of Flair. RockYou's most popular Facebook application, Super Wall, continues to lose traffic ever since Facebook turned off Super Wall's ability to send notifications to Facebook users.

Rival widgetmaker Slide went through similar traffic troubles a couple weeks ago when Facebook shut down its popular Top Friends app over privacy concerns. But in an earlier conversation, Slide executive Keith Rabois told us that in instead of buying up smaller apps, Slide is pursuing a different strategy:

Slide is in the business of building deeply engaging branded applications, at the same level of complexity and quality as a destination website, and is not interested in assembling a broad portfolio of light weight applications that are merely impression-drivers in an ad network.