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Did you miss Katie Holmes' debut last night in the revival of Arthur Miller's All My Sons? Wondering if she can act? "No! Well, at least not very well," says amNewYork. Not surprisingly, critic John Simon pays more attention to Katie's pretty little face and offers up a much more complimentary assessment: "Her appealing presence in several movies translates seamlessly to the stage."

USA Today—they cover theater now?—gives her a mixed review. ("At best, she exhibits a girlish exuberance that could serve her well in certain stage roles, provided she finds a director who can ease her obvious self-consciousness.") Ben Brantley's take in the Times probably won't be of much help. He says Holmes delivers her lines with "meaningful asperity," and she plays the character "straight from the school of the Erinyes," which has us just as confused as you probably are right now.