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♦ It's confirmed: Sarah Palin will appear on Saturday Night Live tomorrow. [NYDN]
♦ Yet another tragic consequence of the economic meltdown: Suze Orman is making money off the crisis with big-money endorsement deals. [WSJ]
Playboy is cutting costs. How? With energy-efficient lightbulbs, naturally. [WWD]
♦ The Grammy nominations—not the actual awards, mind you—will be a TV special. [NYT]
♦ A hiring freeze is now in place at Condé Nast. [NYP]

♦ Obama-Biden has picked up seven more newspaper endorsements in the last day. That brings his total to 46, compared to McCain-Palin's paltry seven. [E&P]
♦ Barack Obama is Advertising Age's "Marketer of the Year." Ha. [AdAge]
♦ Glenn Beck is leaving Headline News for his spiritual home, Fox News. [NYT]
♦ A recap of McCain's appearance on Letterman last night. [NYT/The Caucus]