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Marissa Mayer's high opinion of her own good taste will be getting that much more insufferable now that she can tell people that she's on the board of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Call it Mayer's latest attempt to play the role of Peggy Guggenheim. Thing is, Guggenheim actually collected contemporary art (and contemporary artists, if the rumored romances are to be believed). The press release names Sol Lewitt, Robert Bechtle and Robert Rauschenberg as Mayer's three favorites. Only Bechtle is still breathing — at age 76.

But throw enough money around and you, too, can pretend to have taste! Worked for the Gap's Donald Fisher, who's opening his own ironically named Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio (or "CAMP") because he didn't want SFMOMA to meddle with his precious collection. No wonder Google chose the Gap building with its godawful Richard Serra sculpture for the company's newly opened San Francisco office. (Original photo by Steve Rhodes)