Everyone at the Washington Post loves the Grahams, the wealthy family who've owned the paper since the Depression. Specifically, they loved feisty Katharine Graham, who published the Post during the years when it was good and successful. But she died. Now she's been replaced by her granddaughter Katharine Weymouth (who is related to Tina Weymouth!), who recently replaced editor Len Downie with former Wall Street Journal editor Marcus Brauchli. Former WaPo gossip Lloyd Grove profiled Weymouth as she attempted to rescue the newspaper industry.

Weymouth, in addition to coming from that famous and wealthy family, also comes from the business side of the Post, and she's already demonstrated a tendency to criticize editorial decisions like Page One stories and photo selection while also promising not to interfere with her editors and also not to be Sam Zell, who she also thinks is shrewd and not crazy. Hmm.

Her job now that she's installed a new editor will be to force the newspaper and its independent online division to get along. This will not be easy. Oh, and also she has to reverse the industry-wide trend toward plummeting ad revenue and circulation. Here is a graph about that:

Good luck Katharine Weymouth!