The mysterious project Alex Albrecht, cohost of Kevin Rose's Diggnation podcast, has been working on, Project Lore? It's a show where he and some buddies play World of Warcraft together. It couldn't possibly be more geeky, reveling in WoW-speak like "trash mobs," "pulls," "ninja'd" and the like. Given Warcraft's millions of players, it will likely be as successful as it is incomprehensible to the olds.

If, that is, they tweak the formula. In the first show, Albrecht and friends run through an "instance," or dungeon quest, that's far too easy for their characters — the idea is to offer tips and tricks for some of the harder parts of the end of the game. The most entertaining parts are watching them bicker over the various pieces of treasure won when defeating difficult monsters in the game. While the show has undeniable appeal to the inevitable cross-over between WoW players and Diggnation viewers, the testosterone level is pretty high even for that audience. A guest appearance by the likes of The Guild's Felicia Day would do wonders to broaden the appeal of the show a bit.