The co-editors of Ivygate published an LA Times op-ed yesterday arguing that kids today are embarrassing and otherwise undermining themselves by oversharing online, but also arguing that social judgements about these gaffes are softening. Perhaps they spoke too soon: One of the editors, Jacob Savage found his appearance on the show America's Election Headquarters had been cancelled after allowing Fox News Channel producer Virginia Grace to "friend" him, thus unlocking a profile that listed him as "very liberal."

He wasn't cancelled because the topic was no longer of interest — his op-ed coauthor still got to go on air — but because suddenly there was only room for one person.

This could be because Savage is a lefty, and lefties are detested on Fox, but after seeing the segment, I'm going with Radar's theory that the co-author, Maureen O'Connor, was selected for being kind of hot. Fox tends to know its audience like that.

The Girls Gone Wild footage chosen to accompany the on-air chat (above) would tend to reinforce that notion. In any case, a look at Savage's Facebook profile is below.


(Video via
RedLasso, Facebook image via Huffington Post)