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If you were wondering what a family-filled movie event in the park would look like if you were an East Side hipster, here's your answer. The Downtown Film Festival presents Your Name Here, a rock musical and mockumentary for the whole family, as part of their "Summer Screening Mixers." In this version, there will be both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks available for the attendees who come early to the party for the "mixer" portion of the evening. Can't imagine this would be approved in Mayberry, USA, but then again, their movie screenings aren't held in the courtyard of the Barker Block live-work lofts in Downtown LA.

Your Name Here is a coming of age story (what else?) about a teenage band and their parents who are trying to manage them: the film was partially based on director Tamar Halpern's own family. Some familiar alt-geek tropes are explored: There's a punk rock cool chick bass player—shades of Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful, anyone? But there's also a few new ones, like a "narcissistic egg player" (????) and a British kid no one can understand. The original music is written and performed by the kids in the flick.

Get there early (7:30) for your beverage of choice and get a spot on the lawn. The actual screening starts 8:30. RSVP to