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After bringing viewers more streaming Leo Laporte and tween-scene queens than they care to admit watching, live video service Stickam is opening a pay-per-view platform, PayPerLive. Where there's video feeds and PayPal buttons — that's who's covering the money side — there's naked ladies, right?

Wrong. Not only do Stickam's terms of service forbid "vulgar, obscene, profane, indecent or otherwise objectionable" content, but PayPal itself still is iffy on what counts as too risqué to take a payment-processing cut of.

Proto-Web celebrity Jennifer RIngley, of JenniCam, blamed PayPal for the demise of her 24/7 webcam site. Like most girls with a camera poised on them online, she was only naked here-and-there, but that's enough to get tossed off the payments service.

Stickam's playing it safe, at least in writing — enough to cover themselves when users flash some skin just north of nude. What they don't get is that there's a difference between porn and watching a woman staring bored and topless at you back through the screen. Or at least there should be.