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We have noted the ridiculously mean-spirited SATC review that curmudgeonly queen Rex Reed wrote for the NY Observer on these pages before. However, we have never printed the offending opening graf here on these pages, but seeing as how SJP had her beauty-mark lasered off sometime in the last few weeks (it wasn't just makeup, after all), it seems that the time is right:

There’s nothing wrong with Sarah Jessica Parker that couldn’t be cured by wart-removal surgery. That growth on her face just gets bigger with every close-up, and in the full-length movie version of Sex and the City it’s so distracting you can’t concentrate on anything else. It’s not a beauty mark. I guess you can’t tell a co-producer anything, but listen up, girl. At this point, you would make a wonderful Halloween witch.

Even though it's nearly two months later, we're still just as flabbergasted as we were the day that we first read this. It's one thing that this quote got written in the first place, but what really irks us is that this bilious diatribe actually got past an editor and actually made it into print. Congrats, gents ... hope you sleep tight tonight!