Thanks to Wonkette for reminding us that satirical caricatures are so hot right now! A county commissioner running for re-election in Oklahoma sent a comic book to everyone in his district with over-the-top drawings of "pedifiles," "pedaphiles," anal sodomites, the devil and "liberal good ol' boys" all trying to frame him (on felony campaign finance chages). Oh, sure, at first the drawings might look like an old-fashioned nasty smear campaign in cartoon form, rather than sophisticated ironic commentary ala the New Yorker's Barack Obama cover. But this little graphic novella can't help but lampoon itself, what with its portrayal of the full gamut of Christian extremist politicking! Assuming that Times op-ed contributor Timothy Egan was correct about red states having a well-developed sense of satire, Oklahoma City should be certifying gay marriages by Labor Day. More hilarious frames after the jump.

[Reason via Wonkette]