Hey everyone, just a brief note about the summer version of Gawker Weekend. Tomorrow through Labor Day it's going to be mini-Gawker Weekend. The vom the papers and magazines-and all of media-seek to make us consume on weekends in the dead of summer is all rehash, trashy speculation, crappy political senselessness, and essays by people who have not yet earned the right express opinion or who should have STFU centuries ago. It's nothing anyone should read. It's certainly nothing I should read. So I won't read it. Well, I will, sadly, read it, but I refuse to post most of it. Wow, this is getting long. The rest after the jump.

Anywho, I found last weekend that it's a waste of time to spend all day hoping that more than six or seven interesting items will come out on a summer Saturday or Sunday. Parsing the Sunday Times and the nonsense in the garbage Brit weekend newspapers in July and August? Good ol' Methuselah's life was too short for that. And mine is likely to be quite a spell shorter. So...

Rather than get depressed as all hell by locking myself up in my apartment every weekend for the rest of the summer and looking at 45 Digg posts in a row of two-year-old videos and pictures of Miley getting coffee, I'm cutting the weekends in half.

For the rest of the summer, I'm gonna post a few items early in the morning. Then there will be a nice, long, long siesta, and then I will post a few more items late in the afternoon or early in the evening.

I hope that's cool with everyone. It is frankly all the attention anyone should pay the weekend media during this season of frolic and fun. It's not as if any of them were about to say anything that meant anything, ever, to anyone, anywhere.

See you tomorrow!