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Y Combinator partners Jessica Livingston and Paul Graham only married in June, but they're ready to start popping them out. More $6,000 checks to fund startups, that is. Together with not-married-to-each-other partners Trevor Blackwell and Robert Morris, the pair put out a 3,000-word list of 30 "Startup Ideas We'd Like to Fund." Sure, a lot of them are obvious, most already done — but the Y Combinator version, with Graham's seal of approval, has a better chance than your run-of-the-mill startup of getting quickly flipped to a gullibly starstruck buyer. A version you'll be able to finish before this fall's application deadline, below.

  1. Two things are broken: record labels and movies.
  2. Simplified browsing. The space between a digital photo frame and a computer running Firefox.
  3. New news. PerezHilton and TechCrunch, Reddit and Digg are just the beginning.
  4. Outsourced IT.
  5. Enterprise software 2.0 for smaller companies.
  6. More variants of CRM: make interactions with customers much higher-res.
  7. Something your company needs.
  8. Dating.
  9. Photo/video sharing services.
  10. Auctions. EBay is doing a bad job.
  11. Web Office apps.
  12. Fix advertising.
  13. How can you teach kids through the web?
  14. Tell who the most productive people are in large organizations.
  15. Off the shelf security. Stitch together alternatives out of cheap, existing hardware and services.
  16. A form of search that depends on design. Google has no sense of design.
  17. New payment methods.
  18. The WebOS.
  19. Application and/or data hosting. Start by writing Basic for the Altair.
  20. Shopping guides. How do you decide what you want?
  21. Finance software for individuals and small businesses.
  22. A web-based Excel/database hybrid.
  23. More open alternatives to Wikipedia.
  24. A buffer against bad customer service: a wrapper around common bad customer service experiences.
  25. A Craigslist competitor.
  26. Better video chat.
  27. Hardware/software hybrids: iPod/iTunes.
  28. Fixing email overload.
  29. Easy site builders for specific markets. What's the best way to make a web site if you're a lawyer?
  30. Startups for startups. We're one; TechCrunch is another.