Tricia-Walsh Smith, who famously took to YouTube to humiliate her husband for allegedly deceiving her about his sex life, has seen many of the fears she aired in her videos come to pass — because she made the videos in the first place. A court ruled she must vacate her and her husband's Park Avenue apartment and settle for a lump-sum $750,000 alimony specified in a prenuptial agreement. Her husband, head of the Shubert Organization, has suffered heart problems as a result of her videos and had his reputation damaged, the judge ruled:

Beeler indicated he might not granted Smith the divorce if not for the videos.

"Had defendant not posted her videos on YouTube, a case could be made that her previous marital misconduct did not rise to the level of cruel and inhuman treatment, a claim that ironically she herself made on YouTube," Beeler wrote.

Tricia-Walsh Smith plans to appeal. But odds are the videos will be on hold for a while.