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Manhattan's Philip Smith, who is both an old and a rich, filed for divorce from his 25-years-younger wife Tricia Walsh-Smith, citing cruel and inhuman treatment. Smith told Walsh-Smith he would not pay her more than a prenuptial agreement had stipulated. Then Walsh-Smith went crazy and posted a video to YouTube, in which she claims Smith never had sex with despite hoarding stashes of Viagra, condoms and porn. My favorite part: When she gets Smith's assistant on the line and asks her what to do with it all. Poor bug-eyed crazy lady. The video, embedded below, got plenty of attention — about 3 million views — but in the end, hurt Walsh-Smith more than it helped. Calling her video "a calculated and callous campaign to embarrass and humiliate her husband," a judge yesterday gave Walsh-Smith 30 days to leave the former couple's Park Avenue apartment. The video: